The advantages of outsourcing

Sooner or later any organization faces the necessity of construction or reconstruction of own real estate unit, both for satisfaction of own needs and for investment of own funds. The tenants also often have the needs to execute reconstruction, modernization or repairing when the rented real estate does not meet those or other requirements.

Certainly, all the necessary actions can be carried out by an interested person independently - both by expansion of responsibilities among available employees and by hiring employees which will be engaged only in this work. The second mode, more suitable for organizations for which construction is not profile activity, is outsourcing - attraction of an outside, engineering company. Such organizations assist investors at all the implementation stages of a building project.

The cooperation with an outsourcing company has a number of advantages in performance of all the actions individually:

  • 1 The guarantees of high qualification of the specialists (the engineers-consultants) in the specialized companies.


  • 2 The rational time usage of the employees and the optimization of the Client’s staff.


  • 3 The economy and predictability of actions in crisis situations.


  • 4 The familiarity with latest changes.



The engineering company "CI plus" is specialized in rendering of the engineering services in the field of construction and development of the construction design estimates. We render the whole cycle of services in building of any objects, being an outsourcing customer service, and we support construction from concept development and collection of necessary permission documentation and approvals till object commissioning. Our engineering consultants analyze potential risks and ways of minimization of its occurrence; provide the Client with the full information of possible variants, terms and price of its implementation.

It’s possible both as "turn-key" construction (development) of an object as separate performance of certain stages in engineering services either only project development or its separate sections.

We are located in Minsk but we work all over the territory of Belarus.

Our advantages

What differs us from others?

First of all, the work principles! They are:

  • Accurate specialization.
  • Aspiration to maximum optimization of expenses without any damage to quality.
  • The individual approach to every Client.
  • 100 % control over design.
  • Reaction efficiency to Client’s inquiry.
  • Maximum awareness of the Client of project progress.
  • Confidentiality of your information.