Obtaining of initial documentations and approvals

Besides collection of conclusions from the approving organizations that are provided by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus dated from 27.12.2007 № 667, that are necessary for development of land-cadastral documentation and allotment project, and collection of technical specifications for object technical maintenance, the experts of the company «CI plus» carry out receipt of other initial and permit documentation.

They are of great importance, in particular, design assignments and architectural planning assignment which is issued by the territorial body of architecture.

Design assignment is important as requirements to characteristics of a future object and to designing process are established there. Feasibility of set of big and small tasks depends on quality of its drawing up: from economic reasonability of project implementation as a whole till reduction of terms for reception of architectural planning assignment when design assignment made competently.

Architectural planning assignment defines regulations on usage and of land lot development according to the town-planning project of detailed planning (if available), on engineering researches performance, on executive survey for engineering utilities of construction object, providing the territorial body of architecture and town planning with materials, on providing developed territory with objects of a social, industrial, transport, engineering infrastructure, about conditions of improvement of developed territory, on development of projects for outdoor advertising and on architectural-artistic decorating of the city environment.

Special importance of this document is that to great extent it also defines the size of future expenses for implementation of an investment project in construction, and accurate understanding of the essence of happening events at the stage of architectural planning assignment reception is the pledge of absence of unpleasant surprises in future which impose additional, connected indirectly with erection of an object, expenses.

Besides, having developed the specified above documents, the company «CI plus» supports reception of a decision from the local executive committee about the permission on design-survey and civil works on the land lot given previously (as for maintenance of existing objects, as for rented one, the tenant right on which is obtained by participation in an auction).

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