The Completed Projects

In recent years the company “CI plus” took part in the management of the following real estate development projects:

  • The reconstruction of the workshop on cookies production into product manufacturing and the refrigerator with the additional administrative and industrial building and the construction of the auxiliary objects

    The existing real estate complex is located in Minsk. The Company “CI plus” rendered its service during one year, the result was the removal of the large manufacturing factory from the leased premises in their own ones. In future, the Company developed the draft of the additional administrative and industrial building and the construction of the auxiliary objects. In addition, the consulting engineers of the company are participating in implementation of the maintenance function because the construction works on some objects of the complex are being carried out in parallel with maintenance of the rest objects of the complex.
  • The construction of the object “The Trade and Entertainment Centre on Moscow Avenue in “Bilevo” district in Vitebsk”

    The project is located in Vitebsk in the residential district “Bilevo”, where the most massive new housing construction in Vitebsk is being carried out. The company “CI plus” within 6 months (July, 2007 – January, 2008) brought the project from the stage of resolving by the Vitebsk City Executive Committee the issue to cancel the designing right and to annul the selection act of land lot placement to the stage of land lot allotment. The company carried out the collection of all the permits, organized the purchase of apartments, settled the matters with the citizens living in the residential buildings which are subject to be demolished and also carried out these people relocation. The issues were resolved regarding the amendments in the town planning documentation for the optimum object resources supply. The design project documentation for the first construction phase (supermarket) was developed, including the documentation for the zero cycle - at the stage of "the construction project". Further because of the change of the investor of the project, the presence in the structure of a new investor's unit with similar functions under the agreement of the parties the participation of the engineering organization in the project was closed.
  • The reconstruction of the specialized retail trade building, which is located at the prospect named the newspaper "Zvezda", 14a in Minsk

    During May, 2010 – June, 2011 the complex support of the specialized retail trade building reconstruction was carried out, which is located at the prospect named the newspaper "Zvezda", 14a in Minsk. During this period the company "CI plus" carried out the collection of all the permits, developed and coordinated the project documentation, increased the land lot, received the permit and executed the construction with commissioning of the extensions to the trade building.

The list of the current projects you can find on the appropriate page.

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