The concept development

The stage of concept development is very essential as there is a clear project concept created at the very beginning of investment process which allows to follow the general line in future and to avoid great number of possible mistakes.

Having dialogue with the Construction Customer Services the specialists of the engineering company “CI plus” set the goals which are supposed to be reached as a result of investment project implementation. For our further work we collect and systematize the information about a function of an object as a whole and its expected characteristics (area, number of floors and etc.), a ratio of functional purpose of areas inside of an object, tentative financial indicators and also the information about the policy of the Customer concerning cost of construction, schedule and quality of construction work execution.

Moreover, the following tasks are solved during the concept development:

  • Preparation of a preliminary program for the operation and maintenance of a building
  • Land lot survey (construction site) or survey of an existing building
  • Preparation of a program for building permitting process and starting the process
  • Definition of project’s implementation model
  • Business plan and marketing plan
  • Economic and financial studies
  • Estimation of investment cost
  • Preparation of budget and cash-flow calculation
  • Risk analysis

The researches for definition of alternatives are executed in parallel:

  • Evaluation of the business idea and market conditions
  • Analysis of alternatives for investment project implementation: construction of new objects or buying, leasing, reconstruction or repairing of existing premises
  • Identification of alternative land lots and clarification of their preliminary functional, legal and technical feasibility on its basis
  • Condition survey of existing premises
  • Preparation of cost and profitability analyses for alternatives
  • Risk assessment of alternatives
  • Clarification of the compound of permission documentation and the process of its obtaining for different alternatives
  • Starting of necessary environmental impact analysis and (or) other environmental clarifications

On the basis of the carried out work on pre-feasibility study and concept development the engineering company “CI plus” executes preparation of the total report for making an investment decision by the Customer in which all the accumulated information and also conclusions and recommendations of the adviser are reflected.

Our advantages

What differs us from others?

First of all, the work principles! They are:

  • Accurate specialization.
  • Aspiration to maximum optimization of expenses without any damage to quality.
  • The individual approach to every Client.
  • 100 % control over design.
  • Reaction efficiency to Client’s inquiry.
  • Maximum awareness of the Client of project progress.
  • Confidentiality of your information.