The designing management

The company “CI plus” acts in the way that architectural and economic issues should be resolved in a complex. Having studied many projects and also the layouts of a huge number of the constructed units, it is obvious that only the architectural issue is frequently resolved. There is a myriad of such examples: corridors where a tank can park; toilets, placed on the same floor of a supermarket in the place where the allocation of a small shop or cafe would be more appropriate; roof frame which requires costly re-enforced bridging.

The designing management by forces of an engineering organization as in case of the designer is an outside organization as in case of a design team works within the bounds of the organization of the engineer and adviser, is an optimum mode of better complex decision of some issues: beauty and originality of a future unit, optimization of expenses for its erection, functionality of a constructed unit, maximum profitableness from sales, simplicity and clearness of maintenance ways.

It is not a secret that in many cases during construction there are various deviations from the original project, the budget, the implementation schedule. In most cases it is connected with mistakes of designers, therefore «CI plus» defines the major task of designing management as follows: object erection which is necessary to the Client, is to be stipulated by a project, with a price, economy, functionality and operating procedures defined at the stage of concept development.

Within the frames of services rendering at the given stage the company «CI plus» also manages process of attraction of subcontractors on performance of special kinds of design works, survey works (geodesic surveying, geology and etc.), it supervises terms of designing and correctness of drawing up calculations of the price on design and survey works and correctness of drawing up forms of executive reporting on executed works and takes part in acceptance from contractors of the developed design documentation and checks its quality.

Having finished with the development of the design documentation we support the contract conclusion on design supervision and we control timeliness and completeness of its performance.

More detailed information about our experience in the sphere of designing you can learn here and the information about the benefits in design management by forces of an engineering organization taking into account your concrete situation you can get, if you connect our experts.

Our advantages

What differs us from others?

First of all, the work principles! They are:

  • Accurate specialization.
  • Aspiration to maximum optimization of expenses without any damage to quality.
  • The individual approach to every Client.
  • 100 % control over design.
  • Reaction efficiency to Client’s inquiry.
  • Maximum awareness of the Client of project progress.
  • Confidentiality of your information.