Agreements on engineering services rendering

Engineering services on construction support are rendered by the Company “CI plus” on the basis of an agreement on engineering services rendering which is concluded with the Client.

The article 704 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Belarus refers to engineering services in the context of relationships of the client of construction and the general contractor, naming an engineering organization (engineer) as a representative of the client, authorized with certain volume of powers of the client in construction according to the agreement on services rendering. Proceeding from the sense of this article, the engineering services do not apply to contract in this connection they are regulated by the chapter 38 “Compensated services rendering” of the Civil Code.

The contract between the Client of construction (owner of the project) and the Executor (engineering organization) is concluded according to the legislation in the order established by the chapter 4 of the Instruction about the order of engineering services rendering in construction, which is approved by the Decision of the Ministry of Architecture and Construction of the Republic of Belarus dated from 08.12.2004 №27, it also fixes the main conditions of engineering services rendering, coordinated by the parties at the stage of negotiations. Volume of engineering services, their price, procedure of payments and delivery-acceptance of rendered services, terms, rights, obligations and responsibility of the parties are referred to such conditions.

As the appendix to agreement an assignment for engineering services rendering is prepared, which defines concrete volume of services and the list of functions which are subject to be performed by the engineering organization.

If there is a necessity a detailed schedule of services rendering in the form of Gantt chart is drawn up which is also made in the form of appendix to the agreement.

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