The collection of documentation for assigning land lots

Availability of land is one of the most paramount issues for implementation of any project for new construction. Frequently the necessity for additional obtaining of land lots appears also in case of reconstruction of an existing real estate unit and reconstruction or construction of new engineering networks. The legislation of the Republic of Belarus, which regulates land relations, is subject to constant changes. Moreover, some issues, being of importance in land lots assigning, have not been settled by law and are resolved in order established in practice.

We constantly have our finger on the pulse and know not only the contents of the legislation and practice of its application, but we also possess the information of forthcoming changes. All these allow us accurately to follow a schedule of project development, to predict a course of project progress and possible risks with aim of its minimization.

In addition, the right approach used in practice by the experts of “CI plus” to calculate size of a land lot allows to avoid unnecessary superfluous payments for land and necessity of correction of land lot borders in future.

Within the frames of services rendering at the given stage the company «CI plus» takes part in work of the commission on selection of a land lot, supports issuing of land-cadastral and land surveying documentation for the preliminary coordination of object placing and allotment of land lot for construction, organizes collection of conclusions and approvals that are necessary in order to include in the structure of land surveying business, and it also resolves other theoretical and practical problems.

The services on documentation collection for land allotment are rendered only in complex with the other services.

More detailed information about our experience and recommendations on algorithm of actions in a concrete situation you can get, if you connect our experts.

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