“CI plus” company renders assistance to the companies, which invest in premises at all the stages of project:

  • Concept development
  • Analysis of made project decisions
  • Collection of the permission documentation
  • Design organization and (or) design
  • Procurement management
  • Construction management and supervision
  • Project commissioning

The key concepts of “CI plus” are engineering services and project works. Our specialists who have many years work experience will take upon themselves:

  • receiving of permission documentation and endorsements for obtaining land lots for construction, resolving of attendant issues
  • collection of technical requirements, concerning a possibility of object connection to the municipal engineering networks
  • cooperation with a company which doing design, in case a design contract concluded with a third-party company, or doing design by themselves
  • choosing the materials which will be used during construction from the position of optimal ratio “price/quality”
  • support of contractor's agreement signing up
  • construction support
  • support of examination undergoing
  • work coordination of the acceptance committee

All the work stages are done in tight coordination with the Client. We specify possible alternatives, its cost and terms. You may influence on workflow and its cost-expenses part. We guarantee qualitative work completion under your any choice. The services can be rendered as in complex when an object is turn-key constructed as in part when one or several stages of project implementation are followed.

The specialists of “CI plus” are ready to organize the whole work cycle that concerns design without attraction of third-party companies.

You may learn more details on services that we render in 2 main directions on the pages "Engineering" and "Development of design estimates"

We will be glad to discuss the possibilities of cooperation with your company.

Our advantages

What differs us from others?

First of all, the work principles! They are:

  • Accurate specialization.
  • Aspiration to maximum optimization of expenses without any damage to quality.
  • The individual approach to every Client.
  • 100 % control over design.
  • Reaction efficiency to Client’s inquiry.
  • Maximum awareness of the Client of project progress.
  • Confidentiality of your information.