The technical due diligence of a project

In most cases investments into real estate mean long-term and rather large capital investments. In connection with this the risk and profitableness from potential investments should be carefully analyzed before making the final decision as in some cases seeming rather low price of an object is made conditional on a number of considerable difficulties which the buyer will face in the near future and on which removal he will need much more means, than the amount of expenses saved.

Such difficulties usually are hidden and for their defining the technical due diligenceshould be carried out thoroughly.

The term “Technical Due Diligence”, as a rule, means the complex research of technical aspects of a real estate object or a land lot, definition of strength and weaknesses of a real estate object. Besides, ways of efficiency improvement, expenses of a potential investor at the stages of pre-investment preparation, additional investments connected with a real estate object before or after its acquisition are defined, town-planning and engineering questions are investigated. The result of such technical due diligence is the estimation of a potential risk which results of investments. Further it will allow to define ways of project development in order to avoid unreasonable expenses and frustrations of construction terms.

The opinion of an outside organization which is not interested in the project, frequently is the most objective. The engineering company “CI plus” renders services in the analysis of applicability of a ready project or a constructed object to the needs of the Client with giving recommendations about the necessity of modification in the design documentation, and in case the object has constructed we give recommendations about the measures which better to accept for its most effective operation.

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