Our Team

The successful projects implementation of private investors is provided by the highly skilled specialists of “CI plus”, who possess long-term experience in the sphere of construction and real estate:

  • 1. The Deputy Director on Legal Issues – has been working in the sphere of engineering services since 2002, he has the higher education. The number of functions of the Deputy Director includes the control over the conformity to the legislation norms of the documents which are made in the course of services rendering by the engineering organization and by the third parties, and includes also the resolving of land issues.
  • 2. The Chief Engineer – has been working in the construction organizations of Minsk on positions of the foreman, the engineer on technical supervision and the chief engineer since 1994. He has got the higher education. He controls the preparation procedure of approvals, design documentation and performance of construction works.
  • 3. The Chief Power Engineer - has got the work experience in power system management and construction of engineering networks since 1993. He has got the specialized secondary education. The specialist has gained a wide experience of work in the organization of interaction with all the services concerning the issues of designing, construction and operation of engineering networks.
  • 4. The Head of Construction Customer Service – has been working in the construction organizations of Minsk on various positions of customer service since 1971 and has been managing the customer services. He has got the higher education.
  • 5. The Leading Quality Engineer – has got the higher education. He is responsible for the organization and the process control over construction works implementation. He inspects the conformity of applied materials to the established norms and organizes the supply of materials. He has got the work experience in the specified directions since 1992.
  • 6. The Construction Project Support Manager – has the higher education. The specialist controls the process of design and construction works implementation and has a wide experience of interaction with the approving organizations. The work experience - since 1994
  • 7. The Expert - supports all questions arising in the course of construction. He has got the higher education and the work experience in construction investment process management since 1991.
  • 8. The Design Group (the Chief Project Architect, the Chief Project Engineer, the Chief Specialist and Designer and the Design Engineer). The work experience of each main specialist – is not less than 10 years. All the specialists of the design group have work experience in the design institutes and the private design organizations.

We will be glad to organize for you a personal meeting with the specialists from our company and to discuss possibilities of cooperation.

Our advantages

What differs us from others?

First of all, the work principles! They are:

  • Accurate specialization.
  • Aspiration to maximum optimization of expenses without any damage to quality.
  • The individual approach to every Client.
  • 100 % control over design.
  • Reaction efficiency to Client’s inquiry.
  • Maximum awareness of the Client of project progress.
  • Confidentiality of your information.