Turn-key construction

The attraction of the engineering organizations to support construction in recent decades has become almost a standard work for the Western companies. Gradually, the investors are inclining to this in Russia and Belarus. If engineering company provides with services for the construction project "turnkey", , it is often referred to as a developer or a development company.

The specialists of the development company in the process of support the investment projects in the field of construction under "turnkey" enable the investor to devote themselves fully to their core business. Relieving of a number of risks, the Investor gets rid of extra "headache" and has at his/her disposal additional time.

The legislation of the Republic of Belarus regulates the process of the turnkey construction in detail. According to it, turnkey is defined as the implementation of construction activities by the contractor (general contractor) who performs the entire range of works from the surveying and design to the object commissioning. The contractor can involve other organizations.

The engineering company can carry the complex management of the investment projects, taking over the functions of the customer and general contractor without performance of construction works on its own.

The engineering company "CI plus" supports the construction of real estate objects on a turnkey basis, in addition, by agreement with the client we can perform maintenance of a ready object after its commissioning.

We are very well informed about the best ways to invest in real estate property in Minsk and other Belarusian cities because we have constant experience in project management.

Also, thanks to our partners, we are well aware of the principles of the European companies, so we need a little time to understand the wishes of the investor, to develop an algorithm of actions and not only to achieve results but also to provide customers with all the necessary reports at all stages of the investment process.

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